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Performax 16/32 Plus

Model 16-32 Plus
Sanding Capacities Max_ Width (Im) 32 (Two Passes)
Min. Length (In.) 2-1/4
Max_ Thickness (In.) 3
Min. Thickness (In.) 1/32
Overall Dimensions (HxWxD/in_) 18x23x32
Drum Dimensions (diaxO'in_) 5x16
Drum speed (RPM) 1,725
Drum Bearing Diameter (In.) 1
Dust Port Diameter (In.) 4
Conveyor Motor 43 in. -lbs. Torque,
Direct Drive, DC Conveyor Variable Feed Rate (FPM)
OtolO Motor (TEFC) 1-1/2HP, IPh, 110V
Net Weight (Lbs) 145


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Wixey Wixey portable planer Readout Wixey portable planer Readout $65

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