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EurekaZone EZSMART Track Saw system

Your circular saw moves in a straight line along the Guide Rail, the cut is clean and right on the mark. That's what you notice the first time you use an EZSMART Track Saw System. It makes you feel confident and safe. Use your own circular saw with an EZSMART Universal Saw Base and Guide Rail. You can make long precise rip cuts, cross cuts, and angle cuts. The wood is captive under the track and as a result there is no danger of kickback. The saw follows the track and puts you in complete control. The track has an EZSMART Anti-Chip Edge on both sides providing more versatility. The Smart Saw Base also has an anti-chip insert to produce smooth edges on both sides of the cut. EZSMART Clamps are included with this system and they turn your EZSMART Track Saw System into a sawing center. One real test of a track is how well it performs on small and narrow boards. There are many cuts too wide for your miter saw, and they are too long to do by hand. The low profile, adjustable EZSMART Clamps secure the small boards under the track in any position you need to make your cut. The EZSMART Track Saw System is available in lengths from 36" to 118". The 108" System allows for Ripping of full 8 Ft sheets of Plywood and is the most popular among woodworkers. One great thing about the EurekaZone Track Saw System is that no matter which system you start with it will be compatible and interchangeable with the larger units and packages available from Eurekazone. You can also grow with your EZSMART Track System, and it can also grow with you!