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Veritas Crosscut Carcass Saw

Fine Woodworking Best Value Award Winner The Veritas® Carcass Crosscut Saw reflects the same design principles Veritas® used to develop their innovative dovetail saws, adopting selected traits of traditional carcass saws and producing them using innovative materials and modern manufacturing methods. Typically used to cut joints in drawer runners, dividers, and stretchers (the framework or carcass of a piece), this saw is well balanced, maneuverable, and scaled for smaller work than a tenon saw.This crosscut version features 14 TPI with a rake angle of 15°, an included angle of 60°, and teeth filed with alternating 15° bevels, so they sever wood fibers rather than tear them. The teeth have relatively minimal set, at only 0.003" per side.The saw has a molded spine that incorporates stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness, and an advanced polymer binder. An over-molded blade and stainless-steel handle-mounting bolt create a solid one-piece blade/spine/mount assembly, and a single brass fastener secures the Bubinga handle. The open-grip handle, made larger than those of classic carcass saws, permits a comfortable, secure grip. The high-carbon steel blade, 11" long and 0.02" thick, and has a cut depth of about 2-3/8". The saw is 16-3/8" long overall and weighs just under a pound.