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Larry Marley Roubo Workbench

A modern version of a workbench designed by French furniture maker Andre-Jacob Roubo who wrote the book on joinery in the late 1700s. This modern adaptation is known as a split top Roubo. There are two bench tops with a insert that raises to serve as a bench hook, or it can be removed to allow clamping from the center of the bench. There is a leg vise that uses a Lee Valley bench screw and a St Peters cross or an X-Vise from Benchcrafted that holds the leg vise parallel to the bench face. It also has a wagon vise on the tail end that uses the holes on the bench with bench dogs to secure the work. It also has holdfasts and a dead man to work hold. The front and back of the bench are built with no overhang so work can be held anywhere on the face. Made of Douglas Fir and Cherry this is 38" tall, 23" wide and 5' 6" long.


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Gramercy Tools Holdfast Holdfast
Larry Marley Moxon Vise Moxon Vise
Lee Valley Vise Screw Bench Vise Screw