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Nakaya Saw Works 210mm Dozuki, cross cut.

I plan to use this for Kumiko work.
This small, easy to use dozuki made by Nakaya Saw Works has an enviable reputation as one of the finest cutting saws available. With it's 0.2mm thick Swedish steel saw plate, 32tpi cross cut teeth and minimal set, this saw makes a cut so fine that many saw's plates cannot fit into the kerf, let alone cut so fine. Intended for the finest rip cuts in joinery and detail work, it is an excellent saw and despite it's delicate appearance, is very easy to use for the novice woodworker or seasoned expert. 0.2mm saw plate, @0.26mm kerf width, 32tpi cross cut teeth, 210mm blade length. Rattan wrapped solid wood handle with fixed steel spine and bespoke blade retaining bolt.