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Veritas 4 inch sliding bevel

No longer made, this is a collector item now.
From Veritas website: We got the germ of the idea for the cam locking mechanism on these sliding bevels from a model made in the early 1900s. We improved it substantially, making a better mechanism of bronze (using the lost-wax process), combining it with a stainless-steel blade and housing both in a resin-impregnated wood body; it could be used under water without damage. The obvious benefit of this design is that the locking mechanism is completely flush, allowing the bevel to be used on either side. But more important, it can be used in the most restricted places, since the lever cam lock can be operated with a single finger. You can reach way back into a corner to measure angles. Since the locking mechanism operates by compression with no rotary movement, accuracy is perfect. This is the best sliding bevel design on the market. Our sliding bevel with a 10" blade has become one of our most popular Veritas products. For model makers, our mini bevel is a small jewel with a 4" blade and an overall weight of less than an ounce. It's made of the same materials as the 10" model. Made in Canada.