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Wagner MMC 220

Pinless Moisture Measurement For woodworkers, guitar makers, flooring installers, cabinet or furniture manufacturers, lumber suppliers, and more! The MMC220 offers a complete and portable moisture meter easy to use and easy to adjust. With its extended range Specific Gravity Species Settings the MMC220 can measure most softwoods and hardwoods as well as tropical species. The MMC220 excels at quickly and accurately scanning many board feet of lumber or many pieces of wood flooring in just seconds with no damage to the wood.
Size & Weight: Length – 4 9/16″; Width – 2 3/4″; Height – 1 1/16″; Weight – .37 lbs Power: 9-volt battery Auto Power Shut Down – 60 seconds Control: Two button control for on/off and species settings, Press & Hold feature Depth of Measurement: 3/4″ Moisture Content: 5% – 32% Digital Display in .1% increments (Note: If the SG selected is >.8, the maximum MC reading will be <30%) Scanning Area: 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Specific Gravity: Selectable wood species setting .20-1.0