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North Bros. 2101 brace (1946 - 1955)

This is a vintage 10" bit brace with a ball bearing chuck made in the USA by North Bros. MFG. Co. of Philadelphia, for Yankee (part of Stanley). Considered by many to be the best one ever made. The brace was purchased by The Bell System and issued to Bell System linemen. This piece is marked on the top of the head with the Yankee branding, but has lost a little of the orange paint from use. It has the model number of the drill pressed on the 1/2" steel shank, and Bell System on the pressed on opposite side. North Bros. MFG. on the bottom of the chuck as well as the branding and "2101" model number again. This drill features a 1/2" ball bearing chuck with spring type alligator jaws that work well. The chuck ratchets either left or right with the push of a button just above the chuck. It also has a lock position for setting bits or non ratchet work. The head and wrist handle are a rubber composite and have no splits or cracks, although, they do show usage. The head rides a steel bearings, and the wrist handle is in good condition. The nickel plating has bumps from ordinary use but is 99.9% all there, and the brace is rust free and clean. Great for the user or the collector.