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DISSTON 24” D-8 FINE 10 ppi CC SAW 1917-1928

This is a fine vintage Disston D-8 - 24" handsaw in fine+ condition. It was made during their quality years of 1917-1928. It is considered one of the higher quality saws Disston made – the D-8 saw with "REFINED - SPRING STEEL". It is a fine 10ppi crosscut and freshly hand sharpened by me. A very fine tooth per inch for kiln dried cabinet grade wood – having a thin kerf and smooth finish on cut. It is a clean saw with the original mirror quality. It is a good size saw plate with 6 1/2" at the heel. It is perfectly straight saw with sticky sharp teeth. Sharpened with a 15 degree rake and a 20 degree fleam it is a smooth straight cutter. It has been tested and saws smoothly in mahogany and white oak here at the shop. It cuts fast and straight. You can close your eyes and still cut on the line if you start it correctly. The apple wood handle is fine with good horns and all of its original finish, no repairs. The handle is very comfortable and locks in your hand. It has a fine balanced hang and is comfortable when using. The metal is clean with no rust and has its original polish. It has a light but easily read etch and Disston quote of quality. There are a lot of good saws but this short 24" Disston D-8 saw is one of the best user quality saws for the shop. A saw you will look to in your shop for the finest work. In fact you will go to this saw because its small size offers control and gives a very smooth finish to the cut. With the let in handle and skew back the saw has a very light weight feel to its balance and offers total control. A very pleasurable saw to use due to this controlled balance and the fine perfection of its sharpening and set.