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Veritas Combination plane

Based on the Stanley 45
While combination planes are defined by their flexibility (Stanley boasted that their #45 was seven planes in one), they are not complex to use and are often faster to set up than a machine for one-off work. This combination plane was designed from the ground up to eliminate problems that made the original Record and Stanley planes frustrating to use. It is precisely machined, quick to adjust and holds settings securely, making it reliable in use. With straight cutters used in conjunction with the fence, it can tackle fundamental joinery such as rabbets, tongues and grooves, and with the addition of a shop-made batten, the plane can also be used to cut through-dadoes. The two-part design of the plane, with a main body and a separate sliding section, lets you accommodate blades of different shapes and sizes to make cuts ranging from grooves as narrow as 1/8" up to 1" wide rabbets. To prevent tear-out in cross-grain work, adjustable scoring spurs on both the main body and sliding section define the edges of the cut ahead of the blade.


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Larry Marley Combination plane storage box Pine storage box for Combo plane
Stanley Blade set for Stanley 45 Blade set for Stanley 45