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Veritas Wood Movement Ref Guide

Most woodworkers are aware of wood movement caused by moisture content change, but few know how much it can vary; for example, white oak can move over five times as much as eastern white pine. Even rarer is the woodworker who has this information readily available and has the ability to use it. This reference guide will let even novice woodworkers quickly calculate dimensional change for any change in moisture content. It provides data for 73 domestic and imported species. You dial the species of choice and the window displays values used to determine dimensional change for both quartersawn and flatsawn material as well as an overall rating of the tendency of that species to distort with moisture content change. Also shown is the percentage shrinkage each species will undergo as it dries from 30% moisture content (green) to 0%. The guide provides a sample calculation and complete instructions for use. An accompanying instruction booklet explains wood movement in detail with tips on coping with it, how to account for odd grain combinations and selection of finish. A valuable reference for anyone who works with solid wood.