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Veritas Saw file guide

It has a rotating collar for setting a positive or negative rake angle up to 30°, and a 3" wide protractor to set the fleam (or bevel) angle up to 45° left or right. All you need to do is keep the edge of the protractor parallel and level to the blade, something easy to do by eye. Because the angle guide doesn’t limit the movement of the file, you learn to control it manually, gaining the experience needed for freehand sharpening. The protractor is marked in 5° increments, and the collar has a vernier scale marked in 1° increments. A rubber O-ring inside the collar provides light resistance to the vernier scale to make precision setting straightforward. Measures 2 5/8" long overall, with an anodized aluminum body, a stainless-steel protractor, and brass thumbscrews for locking the rake and fleam angles.