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Axiom AR8 Pro V5

CNC Router X=24", Y=48", Z=6"
2.2KW Liquid Cooled Spindle
4 Axis RichAuto controller


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Axiom ALED468 LED kit
Axiom ADS220 ADS220 - Axiom Dust Shoe
Axiom AOD468 Overhead dust collection
Axiom ATB004 ATB004 - Axiom AR and Iconic Tool Box
Axiom APPB1X APPB1X - B11/B18 Pendant Protector
Axiom ARS800 ARS800 - Axiom Stand 8 for AR8 Pro
Axiom Precision ARK360 Axiom 4th-Axis Rotary Kit
Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi Zero Raspberry pi Zero based Wireless USB
Vectric Aspire version 11.5 Aspire CAD software