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TMI Products Hollow Fast

Using a premium laser as the guide and your choice of carbide insert tooling or high speed steel as the cutters, the articulated arm Hollow Fast System will have you hollowing and smoothing vessels with a combination of precision and ease you never thought possible. With it's stout 3/4" x 13" boring bar and almost infinitely positionable articulating arm you'll have the stability and control to create an amazing array of hollow forms. The highly durable industrial quality Laser Pointer Wall Thickness Gauge lets you know precisely where the cutting tip is at all times. Hollow Fast System With Tail Stock Mount - Ideal for larger sized lathes or midi lathes with a bed extension. Quick mounting and dismounting, with no need to remove tail stock. Unit uses a #2 Morse Taper with a bracket attachment to center and stabilize the unit. Has 8-10" of hollowing depth capability. Includes: Boring Arm; Articulated Arm; Mount and Hardware; Industrial Grade Laser Pointer; 6mm Carbide Scraper Cutter w/Holder; a High Speed Steel Cutting Tip; and an Instruction Booklet. USA